Ripped Muscle Hunk

conran | Erotic
29 Jan 2013

I’m gonna start by admitting that I have no idea what this guys name is. It’s a shame, because he is totally hot and I would love to see more of him, but the 2eros brand hasn’t furnished us with such information. I guess that’s fair, he is just supposed to be showing off their hot underwear rather than it being about him. But still, I’d love to know a little more about the dude.

He has the kind of tight and defined muscled bod I love to see on a guy. There are a few guys I know from the gym who maintain that kind of body, and although they put a lot of work into staying that way I can definitely appreciate everything they do.

As you might expect, seeing this kind of ripped muscle hunk working out in the same area as me has me distracted pretty easily. You try focusing on what you’re doing with a man like this in the room and his hot ass and bulges on show ready to distract you! You won’t be able to do it 😉

If you happen to know who this handsome and built young male model is then by all means share. Another post of his pics will then surely follow.

Ripped Muscle Hunk (1)

Ripped Muscle Hunk (2)

Ripped Muscle Hunk (3)

Ripped Muscle Hunk (4)

Ripped Muscle Hunk (5)

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