Lean Muscle Boy Aaron Reynolds Jerking It

conran | Hardcore
24 Jul 2012

Looking for some young muscle and some tasty cock? Well, look no further than the hot young jock recently showing it all off over on the Next Door Male site! I think you guys know that I have a bit of a soft spot for young guys jerking it on video (technically a very hard spot!) and this site is one of my favorites.

There are so many sites out there with all the hardcore action going on, but not that many really focus on some gorgeous guys playing with their fucksticks and making them spew that load, and this is one of those sites that is exclusively about the jerk off.

So Aaron Reynolds is pretty new, I don’t think I’ve seen him anywhere else yet – here’s hoping they get him in some duo action on one of their other sites too!

He’s pretty handsome, but it’s that lean muscle boy body that really has my attention. He’s got some really delicious fur in all the right places, and that’s another thing I love to see on a guy. Enough with all the shaved smooth muscle – gimme some manly roughage! lol

This lean muscle boy might be just starting out, but I think he’s gonna go far.

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