Bryce Tucker Gets Fucked – By Derek Atlas!

conran | Hardcore
30 Mar 2012

Okay guys, I had to get the pics for this video up on the blog when I saw this video. I was really stunned to see the huge muscle guy Bryce Tucker getting his immense muscled ass slammed by the hard cock of Derek Atlas in this one, and it was a real hard fuck too!

You might remember when Bryce Tucker started out on the Randy Blue site. He really had the fans talking, and I guess no one really knew whether the massive muscle man was into cock or not. He kind of kept us guessing about how far we’d see him go when he came back to have his cock sucked by another guy, but since then we have seen him sucking some dick and sliding his veiny shaft into another guy ass too.

But I really never expected to a video where Bryce Tucker gets fucked.

Could they have found another guy on the site capable of slamming that fuck hole more effectively than Derek Atlas either? No, probably not.

This is one of those videos worth downloading and keeping for plenty of cock stroking fun in the future. It’s not every day you see two immense muscle men like these fucking like this!

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