Lean Fitness Model Shawn Stingel Photographed by Miguel Suarez

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14 Oct 2011

It’s not all about the hardcore guys or the enormously muscled men here on the Sexy Muscle Guys blog. There are loads of really delicious guys out there in the modeling and fitness worlds who have something special about them and don’t go to the extremes of others in their muscle building. While it’s true that I totally get off on seeing some really muscled men, I love a handsome guy with just enough muscle to be sexy.

Shawn Stingel is one of those guys for me. This male fashion and fitness model has everything in one hot package. He’s incredibly handsome, and he has the kind of naturally athletic body that’s built from being healthy and active rather than hours and hours every day in the gym.

Photographer Miguel Suarez is the talent behind the camera capturing these shots of the gorgeous young dude. I love black and white shoots, and when they’re this good they really show off the model perfectly. They’re sexy and teasing without being too in-your-face, and it’s hard to pull that off convincingly in my opinion.

These shots are great, and I have to say that Shawn could be my plumber any day of the week. Would it be too much to suggest that I’d gladly have him in to do some pipe maintenance? Too late I guess lol

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