Young And Cute Victor Cage

conran | Hardcore
4 Oct 2011

Young and cute Victor Cage was one of those surprises over at the Randy Blue site, suddenly appearing on the live cam one night and totally blowing the guys away with his show.

Although the young jock is straight, he doesn’t have many hang-ups about getting naked on video, and because working out is one of his hobbies, they decided to shoot a solo video in their gym, giving him space to just do what he wanted and show off for the audience.

He did a great job, flexing his muscles a little and showing off all that lean muscle and that slight fur too. He even teases the us with his slightly hairy ass!

As the guy is straight, that’s all he’s done as far as I am aware, but watching him playing on video and sharing his hot lean body with us was a real treat. I’m hoping he’ll come back soon and maybe try going a little further. I would really love to see him getting it on with one of the other guys on the site there, and because so many of them are really hot I really wouldn’t mind who it is either!

Check out these pics I’ve collected of his show, I think some are from his solo video and some from a photo shoot, but check out the site for more of this guy.

Victor Cage Victor Cage Victor Cage Victor Cage Victor Cage Victor Cage Victor Cage Victor Cage

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