Gorgeous Male Model Tyler Bachtel

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15 Jul 2011

There are a few names that really stick out in my mind when I think of some of the most attractive young men out in the world, and Tyler Bachtel has to be one of them.

This American boy with an Italian family ancestry has everything going for him. He’s incredibly handsome, really athletically built and he has such an attitude to go with it all too. I love the pictures below of this hunk in his jeans and underwear, and I didn’t know how much I wanted a cool pair of boots until I was these! I guess he’s doing his job as a model here though, making the viewer connect with a brand.

Looking at his site, three things are clearly the focus for him; Travel, Fitness and Food. He loves to travel and has been throughout Europe, he loves good food and we know that diet is one of the most important aspects of gaining a body like his, and then fitness; which kind of goes without saying.

I really like the guy. Not only is he really hot to look at, he creates some really interesting images when he’s at the center of them, and he seems to have a really great attitude to life too.

Now for the cheap line – check out that bulge! Woof! lol

Tyler Bachtel - Gorgeous Young Hunk Tyler Bachtel - Showing Skin Tyler Bachtel - Lean and Sexy Tyler Bachtel - Rugged Tyler Bachtel - Underwear Tyler Bachtel - Seductive Tyler Bachtel - Shorts

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  1. JK says:

    The 2nd last photo is Sean O’Pry…

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