A Firm Favorite – Jamie Dominic Monas

conran | Erotic
17 Jun 2011

One of the most popular models out there has to be Jamie Dominic Monas. The dude is immense, quite frankly. He has the kind of tight body we all long for, with a confident look and attitude to carry all that muscle too.

Check out those tattoos, I can tell you that they are depicting good and evil, kind of like the dude has two distinct sides to his character. Maybe he can be a little bit naughty? Now there’s a thought!

There are three things apart from that immensely muscled body which make this guy stand out from the crowd. The first has to be those perfectly blue and sexy eyes. They’re the kind of eyes I could drown in. The next is his profile. The guy has one of the incredibly masculine faces with everything in perfect proportion. He could almost be a Greek statue. And the final thing is… he’s hung!

Now, I haven’t added one of “those” pics here because I didn’t want to make you cry. But you can see from some of these pics that the bulge he possesses is very considerable.

He’s worked with some incredibly famous photographers including Rick Day and Carlos Arias, lucky men. 🙂

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