Zack Johnathan Vasquez

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19 Mar 2011

This guy makes me drool. Okay, that’s not too much of a shock is it really?

Zack Johnathan Vasquez is a totally hot young man of Hispanic origin (just a touch perhaps) and is an extremely popular guy appearing in so many places. This guy is incredibly busy working on projects all over, for everyone from Golds Gym to underwear retailers.

This 5′ 10″ bundle of muscle obviously works very hard to keep in shape, but he works equally *cough* hard in front of the camera too, posing nude for Playgirl and MEN Magazine.

That’s not all though, he’s also appeared in several pageants too, including Manhunt International 2008, All American Guy and International Male Model. And it’s clear to see why, he should have won all of them! This dude is totally built, ripped, muscled… whatever term suits you, he’s it.

I’m not sure which of these images is my favorite, but I know it’s a choice of two. Can you guess which two those would be? I’ll bet you can’t.

I love his clean and sporty look, he just oozes a calm energy and an animal sexuality too, it’s a great combination and it definitely serves him well in front of the lens.

Zack Johnathan Vazquez - RedZack Johnathan Vazquez - BulgeZack Johnathan Vazquez - HandsomeZack Johnathan Vazquez - RevealingZack Johnathan Vazquez - BriefsZack Johnathan Vazquez - Arty ShotZack Johnathan Vazquez - Wow!

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